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Platinum coating

 Reducing levels of metals (nickel, cobalt and titanium) that are released in the mouth is a concern both of the relevant authorities and of consumer organisations.

Orthodontic devices contain allergenic metals. They can cause inflammation. The “precautionary principle” is relied on as a reason for seeking a reduction or even elimination of the release of metallic ions in the mouth.

Nickel is the main allergen. It is released particularly in the first 14 days after a device is fitted in the mouth. The rate of nickel release is not proportionate to the amount of nickel in the metal. The more nickel, chromium or titanium a device contains, the less steel and so the less corrosion. Devices in nickel-titanium alloy corrode less than devices which are low in nickel-chromium. 316 L steel is highly resistant to corrosion. Close examination of corrosion in orthodontic devices shows that it appears particularly at the welds between base and tie-wing.

The corrosion of welds in dental braces depends on the proportion of precious metals in the weld. A gold weld does not corrode.

Some manufacturers have replaced nickel with cobalt, but it gives a duller appearance. Brackets in titanium have been more successful.

EVERNEW offers manufacturers and orthodontists the opportunity to have braces coated in precious metals: Gold or platinum-based compounds.

  • Orthogold® coating contains more than 97% pure gold,
  • Platinum® coating contains 97% gold and platinum-based compounds.

Our precious-metal alloys are specially formulated for orthodontists. The composition is calculated to protect the steel and particularly the welds from all corrosion. These alloys contribute to a reduction in frictional forces. By easing the sliding of the wire, they help reduce treatment time.

Welds made in the dental laboratory or the practitioner’s clinic release a very significant amount of metals. They are a hundred times as allergenic as stainless steel because the rate of nickel release is particularly high in the first two weeks. Such devices must sometimes be taken out of service because of inflammatory reactions.

On request for patients with allergies, we can apply a precious-metal coating to all the medical devices used in the mouth: molar bands, Quad Helix, extra-oral arches, etc.

The Platinum® coating used by EVERNEW is patented. The original feature protected by our patent is the application of several layers of precious metals, specifically calculated to avoid all galvanic corrosion.



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