dotGlobal leaders in the processing of dental braces

Our clients

 Evernew is the global leader in the processing of orthodontic devices and particularly of dental braces.

Our clients are orthodontists who want to improve the performance of their braces and/or to reuse them.

We can also participate in the design of orthodontic devices, particularly braces, by sharing our experience:

  • Optimised retention using our mathematical formula to provide for a particular level of retention for given dimensional characteristics,
  • Finishing of medical devices. Polishing and mirror polishing using appropriate physical and electro-chemical processes,
  • Depositing precious metals to improve appearance or to create a barrier to corrosion. We can apply a coating of gold and platinum-based compounds. We are able to develop special procedures by depositing successive layers of precious metals (gold, palladium and rhodium),
  • To ensure the presence of precious metal for patients with allergies, we can deposit palladium or rhodium over a layer of black rhodium which acts as a wear indicator.