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  • How should I prepare my shipment?

 Put your components in self-seal plastic bags and then into a padded envelope, or make up a strong package and seal it well with parcel tape. Please don’t use envelopes if the shipment is small but heavy. Beyond 1500 braces, it’s best to use packages rather than envelopes. Never use ordinary envelopes because of the risk of damage by automatic sorting machines.

  • What postal services should I use?

 In mainland France, we recommend the “Lettre Suivie” (tracked mail) or “Colissimo Suivi” (tracked parcel) service, with registered / insured mail for shipments of more than 1000 brackets. For overseas customers, please send your shipment in a parcel or letter by airmail. Never use the “Paquet Lent” (2nd class / slow parcel) service because it takes too long. We can provide labels for “Colissimo Return” but the average delivery time for “Colissimo Return” is ten days.

  • What is the turnaround time for my order?

The processing of your order starts on the day it is received by us. Our turnaround time is 10-15 days. For urgent orders, please tick the “Priority” box on the order form. There is a 10% surcharge. The priority service is not available during school holidays. Transit times can be longer than expected; we advise you to keep a sufficient stock on hand.

  •  Is there a minimum order?

 There is no minimum order for processing but we charge an administration fee for orders with a value of less than 100 euros.

 For the Platinum process which consists of depositing precious metals on the braces and replacing them after each use, we ask for a minimum of 400 braces.

  • Should I sort the braces before I send them?

No, because we always mix braces for the polishing or surface coating phase, even when you send new brackets for their first “Platinum” treatment under the “Evernew” programme.

 We have the technology to distinguish brackets by torque and angulation. However you should notify us if you use different torques for the same tooth (except for Damon braces which are always sorted according to torque).

  • How are brackets marked by colour?

 Colour marking is done with a dot of biocompatible paint.

 Our marking method is identical with that used by the best manufacturers.

 The biocompatibility of our paint has been validated within the context of EN 13485 procedure.

  • When you send us new braces to be coated with precious metals, we remove the original marking as the brace is fully coated. We re-mark the braces in the original colours at no additional charge.
  • Braces for reprocessing are marked with our marking system:
  • For standard metal braces : 11, 12, 13 red; 21, 22, 23 blue; 33 black; 43 green; 14, 15, 24, 25 red; 34, 44 green; 35, 45 black.
  • For standard ceramic braces : 11, 21 orange; 12, 22 green; 13, 23 red; 33, 43 yellow; 14, 24, 15, 25 blue; 34, 44 brown; 35, 45 black.
  • For metal or ceramic self-ligating braces : 11, 21 blue; 12, 22 pink; 13, 23 green; 33, 43 blue; 14, 15, 24, 25 violet; 34, 44 white; 35, 45 red.

 We can do personalised marking; just mention it in the “observations” section of the order form.

  • How does one make payment?

 You can pay by cheque, bank transfer.

  • Do you buy used brackets?

We do not buy  used brackets. We do not sell reprocessed brackets. We are exclusively service providers for manufacturers and orthodontists. 

  • Do you process all brackets ?

We work on EC marked brackets. Titanium brackets are incompatible with our process. 

  • Can you send me some braces or bands for a free trial ?

No, You must send you devices.

  •  Who is responsible if my shipment is lost?

 Processing is carried out at La Seyne-sur-Mer. We do not send work out to sub-contractors, which greatly reduces the risk of loss between laboratories. We recommend that you send your order direct to our laboratory, to minimise the risk of loss in transit.

In case of loss which is the fault of the carrier, the carrier is responsible. It is therefore important to register / insure your shipment. For very large shipments (more than 3000 braces) we advise using UPS.


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